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Comparison of medicinal cartoning machines with other cartoning machines
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According to the structure of the machine, the cartoning machine can be divided into: vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine. Generally speaking, the vertical cartoning machine is faster in packaging, but the packaging range is relatively small. It is only for single products such as medicine plates, and the horizontal cartoning machine can pack a variety of products, such as soap, medicine, food, hardware, auto parts and so on.
Other cartoning machines:
(1) Insert the drug product specification;
(2) The carton should be randomly printed with the date of manufacture, product batch number, expiration date, etc. (such as the supervision code for special drugs);
(3) Counting statistics of the boxing (should comply with the counting and issuance requirements in Section 4703 of the GMP Certification Inspection and Evaluation Standard);
(4) Check the quality of the inner packaging drugs;
(5) Can adapt to the requirements of batch/time. For other purpose cartoners, these special points do not need to be fully achieved.
Medicinal cartoning machine:
1) According to the way the packaged material enters the carton, it can be divided into horizontal and vertical. Among them, the model in which the package is pushed horizontally into the paper cassette is called a horizontal type, and the model in which the package is vertically inserted into the paper cassette is called a vertical type.
2) According to the final carton sealing form, it can be divided into tongue type, glue type, hybrid type, labeling, unfolding type, self-locking type and so on.
3) According to the shape of the packaged object, it can be divided into a plate shape (such as a blister package), a bottle shape, a hose shape, a profile shape, and the like.
4) According to the specifications of the packaged goods, it can be divided into single piece, double piece, multiple pieces, and combination parts (such as 1 antibiotic bottle powder needle + 1 ampule needle).
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